The Exchange Contractors Water Authority services approximately 240,000 acres of prime agricultural land east of I-5 and primarily west of the San Joaquin River. These lands span the counties of Fresno, Madera, Merced, and Stanislaus, from the town of Patterson in the north to Mendota in the south. The Exchange Contractors mission is to monitor environmental, legislative, and legal issues which impact the Exchange Contractors members and to defend the Exchange Contractors water rights.

About our Members:

The Central California Irrigation District consists of approximately 145,000 acres and distributes water to over 1600 farms, most of
them owned by families whom have farmed the land for multiple generations in Fresno, Merced and Stanislaus counties. Established as a public agency in 1951, CCID is dedicated to the conservation and sustainable use of water, investing in conservation programsand assists farmers who are undertaking conservation projects on their farms with low interest loans and grants.

San Luis Canal Company consists of approximately 45,000 acres of productive farmland between the cities of Los Banos and Dos
Palos in Merced County.  It was established in 1913 as a private mutual water company that serves water to over 300 landowners
within its service area.  The Company’s cropping rotation consists of a variety of row crops including alfalfa, cotton, processing
tomatoes, fresh market tomatoes, corn and winter forage crops.  Improved On-Farm irrigation practices, as well as major investments
in new canal delivery technology, have been a major focus in its various conservation programs.

The Firebaugh Canal Water District consists of 22,000 acres near the cities of Mendota and Firebaugh in Fresno County and was established as a public agency in 1988 that distributes water to over 30 family farms in FCWD. FCWD makes available on-farm loans and grants to farmers who are undertaking water conservation projects on their farms.

The Columbia Canal Company consists of 16,560 acres near the cities of Mendota and Firebaugh in Madera County, was established in 1926, and is a private mutual canal company that distributes water to over 45 valley farms. CCC also has on-farm loans and grants that they offer to their farmers who are undertaking water conservation projects.