The Bay Delta Conservation Plan

The Bay Delta Conservation Plan is a federal and state proposal which would balance the needs of farmers and wildlife by both restoring the Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta and increasing the stable water supply to Californians. The BDCP is a long-term, multi-purpose plan that includes a Habitat Conservation Plan (HCP), a natural community conservation plan, a water management improvement plan, and other components for the Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta. The plan will be accomplished pursuant to the Federal Endangered Species Act (ESA) and the California Natural Community Conservation Planning Act (NCCPA), along with the State’s goal for Delta management to restore and protect water supply, water quality and ecosystem health through: (1) new and/or redesigned water conveyance and operation of the State Water Project and the Federal Central Valley Project; (2) habitat restoration of native fish, wildlife, and plant habitats within the Delta; and, (3) addressing other ecological stressors to cover aquatic species in the Delta.

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